Why an Interactive Area?

  1. The goats at Helping Hands Healing Sanctuary are very social and have been imprinted to love people since they were born.  Because of their sweet temperament and love of people, they are used for Animal/Farm/Goat Therapy on an almost daily basis.  Many of the current groups that come for farm therapy are special needs kids/schools, and troubled youth in the Chehalem Youth and Family services, residents of the local Sober Living Program, and also a facility helping those recover from addiction.  Most recently they have been serving Returning Veterans and their families, helping with issues related to anger, depression and PTSD.
  2. Currently, the goat pen is empty, with only a three-sided food shelter to protect them from the Oregon rain.  The rest of the area is empty.  There are two benches for people to sit on while visiting or working with the goats.
  3. In discussing with Rose Sullivan, owner, what her needs are on the farm, she mentioned the need for an interactive area in the goat pen so the people coming for goat therapy and the goats can work together. 
  4. The goats also need a place to exercise and play, as that is what they always want to do, but they don’t have a play structure for them to do this.  Because the farm is in Oregon where it rains a lot, the goats spend a lot of time inside the sleep/food shelter. 
  5. Since they get lots of kids and adults that want to be with the goats to hug and love, they need a play structure where they can interact together.
  6. I need to learn more about the proper building materials that will stand up to the harsh weather in the Pacific North West, rain and snow.
  7. I will be seeking construction advice in order to build a structure strong enough to handle a tribe of goats climbing and jumping on it.
  8. I also need to learn how best to acquire and transport materials in or to Oregon.

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