How Goat Topia Was Designed

I started with an idea of what I wanted, like a structure, jumping areas, and interactive areas. From there I researched existing structures, both online and by visiting local farms with goats. Some farms even have walkways fifteen feet in the air that allow the goats to cross from one enclosure to another. We also looked at resources we already had on hand, like a family friend who races and has used tires we could bury in the ground for the goats to jump on.

The structure ended up 30 inches off the ground. We used cement footings to keep the wood from sitting in the muck. The platform is twelve feet by eight feet. We built an additional structure on top that is six feet by four feet.

The final implementation has stairs instead of ramps due to safety concerns. Screws were used over nails, as the sheep were able to lift the initial steps off their supports. Moving the top structure to the side allows for a larger open area for goats and children to interact.

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